Parents are convicted in court – vulnerable girl for torture baths

When the ambulance arrived, the six-year-old girl stopped breathing and the body temperature was measured to 26.8 degrees.

After new evidence, the mother and the gastric card are sentenced to 5 and 5.5 years in prison for "extortion and torture-like" ill-treatment.

The stew must have exposed the girl to the icy bath – the mother is judged not to intervene to protect her daughter.

The event took place in December 2017 at a location in Uppland.

The mother called 112:

"My daughter was bathing, please, I can have an ambulance, she does not breathe.

– She likes gurgling, she seems to cool water or something, I do not know.

The parents claimed that the girl had an ordinary bath and that they forgot the girl for ten minutes.

The girl in question: was successful

The six-year-old girl was unconscious when the ambulance arrived, the cardboard had started rescuing the heart and lungs. With the help of adrenalin and defibrillator, the heart of the girl was started after hours of resuscitation attempts and she was taken to the Karolinska hospital in Solna for treatment. The body temperature was 26.8 degrees.

When the version of the pair was not correct, and after experts were consulted on temperature, there were suspicions of crimes. The police suspected that the man had punished the girl with an ice cold bath. The 6-year-old girl told her that she had been punished earlier in the form of showers and baths in cold water, and that she was bumped when she did not feel well or said wrong things.

Verdict: "Extraction and torture-like"

The 22-year-old rigid cardboard and the 30-year-old mother of the girl were arrested in February. The man admitted that he had already showered the girl several times in cold water and in May he was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison for great peace of mind. Both denied gross abuse and were released in the court of the Uppsala district when the evidence was not considered sufficient.

The case was appealed to Svea's court of appeal, which went in a different way than the court after the publication of extensive new evidence. The man has been convicted of gross abuse in prison for 5 years and 6 months, as well as expulsion until 2028. Both pay 115,000 crowns per piece to the girl.

"The man has shown particular ruthlessness because the act has been extensive and tortuous and is directed against a childless child in trust in him," wrote Svea Hovrätt in the verdict.

"It was fatal"

According to the law, the daughter is forced to stay in the cold bath for about an hour.

– It was dangerous. If she had not received medical treatment, she would certainly have died. At the same time she seems physically recovered and will be able to do without, but the lawyer Lars Dirke tells TT.

The woman is sentenced to five years in prison for particularly serious abuse, the punishment of the crime ministry and compensation. The court is of the opinion that the woman has not been active in the act. But that she must have known that the belly paper punishes the daughter with a long, cold bath, and because she had to protect her daughter, but not done, she is considered a criminal charge against what the girl was exposed to.

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