Partially true that "boy" and "girl" were removed in the curriculum

Claim: "You have consciously washed the texts in the proposal for a new curriculum for toddlers of boys and girls only, and consistently through the document that you talk about children instead. & # 39;

Submitted by party leader Ebba Busch Thor (KD) Dagens Nyheter the 20/8 – 2018.

On 13 June, the government presented its new proposal for a curriculum, a proposal that was criticized by, among others, the party leader of the Christian Democrats Ebba Busch Thor. Busch Thor is not the only Christian Democrat who raised this revision of the curriculum.

Even the parliamentary candidate Sara Skyttedal wrote a debate article on the new proposal for curriculum in contemporary society shortly after the government presented the proposal.

"In addition to adding questionable radical feminist writing, the government has opted to emphasize the words boy and girl in the curriculum, so that" gender segregation should not occur "."

The curriculum, as experienced by the Christian Democrats, has become the subject of news headlines, as Ebba Busch Thor has named the government's efforts in the field of gender equality for "genus flum", a term also used by Skyttedal.

However, it must be mentioned that it is not only the alleged rejection of the words "boy" and "girl" that has upset the Christian Democrats. Representatives of the party have also responded to the proposal that kindergarten teachers should challenge the children not to play stereotypical games. The Christian Democrats are of the opinion that there are more important things in kindergarten than in gender education.

"My biggest fundamental problem is that today's kindergarten does not have enough time for children," said Busch Thor in an interview with a party leadership in P1.

"It is difficult to interpret the changes in the curriculum as anything but that the preschool staff have to intervene in the game of children when it plays sex stereotypes, for example if a boy picks up and works with an image, there is no problem at all. .) The problem of kindergarten is not solved by genus flum, "Sara Skyttedal said during a debate in SVT.

Several populist sites such as Social News, owned by SD member Kent Ekeroth, have also written that the Environmental Party "wants to remove all cases of words like" girl "and" boy "from the curriculum."

In 2017 the government gave the Swedish national agency for education a task to revise the 20-year curriculum for pre-school children. The new proposal was presented on 13 June of this year. The proposal is still being prepared by the government offices and is therefore not completed, but it is intended to enter into force in the autumn of 2019.

The new curriculum proposal is available on the website of the Swedish Agency for Education. In it, the word "children" and "children" appear 180 and 120 times respectively.

The words "boys" and "girls" appear six times each.

Education Gustav Fridolin (MP) is of the opinion that the proposed change is synonymous with the primary school curriculum, in which the word & # 39; students & # 39; is used instead of the sex indication.

"Girls and boys" are used when relevant and children are generally used. It is important that the kindergarten has a gender equality mission. It is about paying attention to how children play with each other, for example to intervene when girls can not take place or boys and girls never play together. It is also about giving children the chance to play different games and they are not expected to do certain things or like it just because a child is a boy or a girl ", writes Gustav Fridolin in an e-mail DN.

Examples of how the sex order used in the new curriculum:

"Equality in kindergarten means that girls and boys get equal space, influence and opportunities to learn and develop."

"It is important that everyone who works in kindergartens, girls and boys in different contexts offers the conditions for extensive experiences and perceptions of their chances."

And here are a few examples where the National Agency for Education has determined that it is not relevant to use gender-specific words:

"Preschool is a social and cultural meeting place that will promote children's understanding of the value of diversity."

"The attitude of everyone who works in kindergarten, and their way of acting and talking about something, influences the understanding of children and the respect for the rights and obligations of a democratic society."

Gustav Fridolin says that there would be no question of forcing children to play non-stereotypical games that would be applied by the new curriculum.

– On the other hand, a day in the nursery class consists of more free activities inside and out, and teaching in the form of collections, reading, discoveries of nature and pajamas. Children learn by playing and are challenged in the game to try new things. An important part of the kindergarten's mission is to ensure that all children learn to work well and respect other children, whether they are boys or girls.

Resume: It is not, as Ebba Busch Thor said, that the government completely rejected "boy" and "girl" in his proposal for a new curriculum. On the other hand, it is true that you have deliberately chosen to use the words to a much lesser extent. The DN therefore estimates that the statement is partially true.


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