Passengers stopped theft – struck the threatening mesman

It was late on Tuesday evening when the man got up on the city bus between Värnhem and Segevång. Shortly after he had risen, he began to behave strangely.

According to information to Sydsvenskan the man had to work very well and at the same time he had a lot of money in cash.

– This came to us as if it were a man walking around with a knife in the bus and frightening the passengers. He should not have made direct threats, but the mood was getting hot and the passengers were running out of the bus, "said Mats Attin, internal police officer, at the newspaper.

Was struck by passengers

The passengers quickly left the bus and then the man went to the bus driver. The man should have tried to have the driver support the bus – but the driver refused. The man then robbed the driver on the phone and the wallet.

However, the robbery would also be the salvation in one way or another. Because while it was earlier, some passengers took the bus back.

"They knew how to distract him and then succeeded in defeating him," says Mats Attin.

When the police arrived, they took care of the man. They could also confirm that the man had a lot of money, more specifically SEK 150,000. He is now also suspected of money laundering.

The man, who is a foreign citizen but lives in Sweden, has not been known to the police before.

"It is almost strange that we do not know him at all," says Attin.

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