Pedestrians were hit – badly injured

photo: Carl Carlert

A pedestrian in the 65's was badly injured after being hit in the center of Växjö on Saturday. The driver is now suspected of a traffic accident.

At twelve o'clock on Saturday a traffic accident took place at the Kungsgatan at Stortorget in Växjö.

A pedestrian, a 65-year-old woman, was hit by a motorist and brought to Växjö lasarett by ambulance.

The pedestrian was injured on one foot and according to a bulletin from Region Kronoberg she is considered seriously injured and can stay in hospital for examination.

The driver, an 85-year-old woman, was suspected of a road accident in connection with the accident.

"The driver did not give the pedestrian sufficient space, that is to say, she was too close to the pedestrian, who got a foot under the car", says Alexander Gustafsson, who is a researcher at Växjöpolis.

According to Alexander Gustafsson, the driver was suspected for the first time of injury to physical injury, but the suspicions have already been recorded because the prosecutor – the injured woman – does not want to control the case in conversation with the police.

"It happens quite often that it happens, the driver is now only suspected of a break at the traffic level.

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