Pernilla Gunther (KD) returns after unveiling – News (Ekot)

Riksdag member Penilla Gunther (KD) resigned from his parliamentary candidacy for Västra Götaland North, writes the Christian Democrats in a press release.

She also goes away his mandate as a parliamentary member for the remainder of the term of office.

The press release mentions that the review of the media of data on car rental costs draws attention to the important work of the party prior to the elections.

"I am waiting for definitive answers from the national government, whether or not I am affordable, but realize that there is a need for rest for the party, and therefore decides to resign at the Riksdag," she writes in the press release.

Penilla Gunther (KD) has told P4 West that she is sad and disappointed, but she does not think she did something wrong.

It was Wednesday that Aftonbladet revealed that they had to rent a car for private purposes via the Riksdag for 200,000 kr. Something that is currently being investigated by the Riksdag government.

Toni Naim, 1st Deputy Chairman of the party in Trollhättan regrets that Penilla Gunther resigns.

"We in the party department in Trollhättan have full confidence in Penilla Gunther," said Toni Naim.

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