Placed for drama in the wallet

SVT / Novus selector barometer smokes fresh. The final interviews were made late on Tuesday evening. A total of 3 502 people were interviewed.

The decline in the opinion of the Swedish Democrats is statistically guaranteed. An explanation for the decline may be that the electoral process is approaching and that the issue of government is becoming more important for voters.

Nobody seriously believes that Jimmie Åkesson will be prime minister and for voters who want to directly influence the first ministerial elections, a vote on the moderates or social democrats can be an option. The government issue has also gained an increasing weight in the election debate, which may also have influenced voters.

No question dominates

The changes in the election elections can also be a natural consequence of the fact that there is a constituency movement where no question dominates the debate. While crime and refugee politics strongly influenced Spring's interior policy debate, a number of political issues are now on the agenda. It is not only about climate policy, but also about welfare issues and tax issues, to name a few examples.

Now you should not draw too far-reaching conclusions from a few measurements, and it will be very interesting to see if the Democrats in Sweden can slow down or go on next week.

Some recovery for M and S

The SVT / Novus voter barometer also shows some recovery for the moderates. The increase is not statistically safe, but in combination with the decline in SD, Moderates are now the second largest party in Sweden. Although the margin is minimal, it is psychologically very important for the largest bourgeois party when the election day is approaching.

Even the Social Democrats are recovering, even if the upturn is not great. The party is still at a historically low level, so close to a choice. The rise, however, means that the worst is horror at the social democratic party The Hague. The party seems to have fallen into the opinion and may be on the way up.

For both moderates and social democrats today's election barometer means that hope now reveals a positive spiral in the last movement of the constituency. It is a relief for heavily troubled party workers who have long suffered from downward opinion figures.

The distance between the blocks shrinks

The Environmental Party can also be enjoyed today. The party landed by 6.2 percent, which is a strong increase since last spring when the party ended up in parliamentary barrage in certain measurements. Undoubtedly the focus of the summer on climate issues has given preference to the Environmental Party, which is now ashore because of the choice.

Even the Center Party continues to give good figures. A glimmer of hope is also evident within the Christian Democrats. The trend is upwards and when the party now receives 3.5 percent of the electoral sympathies, the chance to face the Riksdag increases. The nearer the party, the parliamentary barrier in opinion polls, the greater the possibility of voting on the election day.

The left party supports the second survey in a row, but the change is too small to be statistically safe. The same applies to the loss of liberals.

SVT / Novus selector barometer shows that the distance between traditional blocks is further reduced. This means that it is a completely open question for the election poll which will be the largest on the election day.

Despite the decline, the Swedish Democrats retain their crucial role between the blocs. It is therefore set to ongoing drama the last weeks before the election.

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