Police attack on Arlanda after shock

Several people broke into a warehouse at Arlanda Airport – but the change is unclear.

After the shock the perpetrators disappeared in two dark cars.

"They have also thrown footrests, which makes the job difficult," said Tomas Ibstedt, chief officer at the Stockholm Police.

The alarm has arrived at 3.10 am.

The police were then warned with various patrols to a warehouse located next to Arlanda Airport.

"It will always be an extraordinary dedication to Arlanda, but it's all about a burglary in a warehouse," says Tomas Ibstedt, Chief Officer of the Stockholm Police.

"Extended corners"

He tells us that the case concerns several offenders, but at this moment it is unclear how much.

What they brought with them is also unknown.

– They have since left in two dark Audibilar.

The text is updated.

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