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An important police initiative takes place at an address north of Åtvidaberg. The reason is that the police suspect a serious violent crime.

– We are currently working on site. I can no longer leave information. We will respond when we think we can comment, "says Magnus Holmström, chief officer of the Eastern police region.

– There are eight police cars here. They are blocked by a large area at an address, a witness says at the place where we spoke.

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Just after 8 pm the work was still in place. What exactly happened, if someone is deceased or injured, the police still do not want to comment.

"We suspect a serious violent crime on the spot, but the photo is not ready yet," says Magnus Holmström.

Is there reason for the public to worry or take action?

– No, not something.

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When can you tell me more about what happened?

"We need a clearer picture before we can post something.

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Photographer Jeppe Gustafsson is present at the address where the suspected crime was committed. He confirms the witness's data that there are approximately eight police vehicles on the spot.

"You are blocked by a large area around two plots, you are documenting and photographing, I think it is the police technician, says Jeppe Gustafsson.

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