Police investigate death shooting on the path of movement in Eskilstuna

When the man was found, he showed weak signs of life. Ambulance was called, but the shooter's life could not be saved. He was later killed at Mälarsjukhuset.

– Around 8.45 pm several witnesses heard gagged noises near the movement path of Årby. Two of them are the ones who found him, says police commissioner Thomas Tellebro.

A preliminary investigation if the murder has begun. The police wants to come into contact with people who were nearby in the present time, especially a mentally trained woman who should have been on the sports track.

At present, the police do not have a suspected perpetrator.

"The work now and during the weekend is about mapping the last time in the man's life," says Tomas Tellebro.

The deceased man, born in 1976, is previously known to the police. According to their assessment, there is no danger to the public in connection with the incident.

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