Police locks in the Skiftinge ambulance have left the site

A major police operation takes place in Skiftinge, in the north of Eskilstuna, after a 41-year-old man was found severely injured on the edge of the Årby nature reserve. The man later died from his injuries.

The police were warned on Friday evening for a forest area in Eskilstuna after several witnesses heard a distinctive pony. One of the witnesses who heard the incident and struck the police found a man in the woods. If the man had a shot injury, that is not yet confirmed at this time.

"I still can not confirm whether the man has had a brain injury or whether it is another violence, but several people are alarmed that they have heard what sounds like a shooting," said Tor Sevelius, police officer in charge.

Then there was the clock just after 9 pm and in the evening and soon police, rescue and ambulance arrived at the scene. Witnesses saw a person who turned out to be the man, carried on a stretcher from the forest.

"We have received several testimonials but nobody has seen the event themselves, and when they heard the hits they did some observations, but I do not understand now, says Tor Sevelius.

Five police cars appeared in Skiftinge at 10 pm and an area is now blocked. The police writes on their website that intense teamwork is going on, and forensics and dog patrols have been called to the site. The police are blocked by an area around the alleged crime scene and will carry out a technical investigation at night and Saturday morning.

"We will continue in the morning when it becomes clear, which will improve conditions," says Tor Sevelius.

The police have drawn up a report about murders, or they drop out. No person is currently being arrested and the police have no suspicion. The man is someone who has known the police before.

"He has suffered a large number of crimes, including violent crimes," says Tor Sevelius.

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