Politicians quoted simultaneously for KD and SD – P4 West

This is something that Maria Nilsson, Kristdemokraternas partidistriktsformand i Fyrbodal, does not like.

"You're in a party and you work for it, no matter how many lists you state, it's a party, says Maria Nilsson (KD).

Karl-Erik Segersax tells P4 West that it concerns two different electoral regions and the municipality.

He does not really understand it why it is a problem that he takes care of two different parties for what he considers to be two different choices.

But he also says that he corrects the Christian-democratic rules if he is unable to represent both parties.

"According to the authority you can do that, but KD has the rules that it does not work, so I change, I will make my place available on the KD-list of provincial council elections, says Karl-Erik Segersax.

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