Politicians wrote deprivation of Jews to famous Islamists

"All people in Sweden must be given the opportunity to go wherever they want, no matter where they come from and what dreams they carry," it is a call on the Liberals website.

But on Facebook, one of the party's candidates for the city council in Malmö, Muhammad Khorshid, makes a statement that goes against the message of the party.

On 24 July 2016, the Turkish Islamist Idris Yildiz writes:

"There are still Jews and Armenians who are lucky under the Turkish flag, this must be much doubted. (…) The only real owners of this country are the Muslims who have been victims of the war in Canakkale." How many Armenians and Jews have fallen victim? in the military coup lawsuit? & # 39;

Muhammad Khorshid, who was a candidate for parliament in 2014, replied:

"My dear master, we call them for unclean exuberances."

The candidate Liberals has a Facebook account where he is called Mohammed Samanci. This screenshot shows how he responds to a function in which a Turkish Islamist deprives the Armenians and Jews.

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The comment is written from one of the two accounts of Muhammad Khorshid.

In this he went under the name Muhammad Samanci. There the politician, who is Turkmen from Iraq, wrote in Turkish.

Received important contributions for his project against extremism

When Khorshid was on Azerbaijan's television, he was presented as Mohammed Khorshid Samanci alone.

The account was removed in January 2018, one month before the election committee's proposal was adopted and Mohammed Khorshid was on the list.

In Malmö, the politician made a name for his work on integration projects.

He has, as project leader of the "Youth Friendship Association in Malmö", received contributions from the Swedish Ministry of Youth and Civil Affairs (MUFC) to work against violence-inducing extremism.

In total, MUFC paid SEK 865 800 to the project of Muhammad Khorshi, with the review of the Evening Post.

The association has received the Malmö City Association Award "for non-profit initiatives for a sustainable city".

Muhammad Khorshid (L) together with Minister of Democracy Alice Bah Kuhnke (MP) at a national conference on the prevention of violence.

photo: screenshot

When we ask the candidate liberals to explain the Facebook comment, he first answers that he can not remember.

– Can you send me a screenshot? You say it was 2016, now it's 2018. I usually show anti-Semitism. And the genocide of the Armenians was unacceptable.

But such a comment do you remember?

– I really do not remember it.

Ten minutes later, Muhammad summoned Khorshid.

Khorshid: "Fake Facebook accounts have been created"

– I do not know this. It is unacceptable. My fake Facebook accounts have been created on my name, you are using my photo's. My name is Mohammed Khorshid, nothing else, he says, which means that the account with the name of Muhammad Samanci is not correct.

We tell him that he got the name Muhammad Khurshid Samanci on Azerbaijani television.

In Azerbaijani television the politician is presented as Mohammed Khurshid Samanci.
photo: Photo: private

– I do not know. It is unacceptable because I work with the association that works with the Jewish assembly, with Kurds, with Armenians, he says.

"My best friends are Jews and Armenians, and Islamists are threatening me.

In the Facebook account that the politician & # 39; false & # 39; however, he has photo's of meetings where he is published in front of He placed in his official account pictures of the same event.

June 18, photo's and comments are added from a meeting on the Facebook account that the politician calls fake. Two days later, the same event is announced on what he calls his real account.
Photos on the Facebook account that the politician says is real. The same event published two days earlier, in what he claims is a fake account.

Kurdo Baksi: "He's an Erdogan-hugging Islamist"

And the author, journalist and activist Kurdo Baksi, who gives lectures at schools and organizes various demonstrations against Islamists and jihadists in Sweden, has a different view of the politician.

– Muhammad Khurshid has been shown at various meetings in Sweden, organized by pro-Erdoganlobbyn. It is clear that he is an Erdogan-hugging Islamist.

In one photo, the politician agrees with Turkish Islamists and Hate Predictor Nihat Hatipoglu, who said in his own television program that homosexuality is a disease.

Liberal candidate Muhammad Khorshid, along with Turkish Islamists and hate predictor Nihat Hatipoglu, who had his own TV program that says that homosexuality is a disease.

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Kurdo Baksi is critical of the liberals who have given Mohammed Khorshid a candidate for the city council.

"Malmö is a multi-ethnic city where tolerance and respect are extremely important, and given that the Jews in Malmö are exposed to intimidation and even violence, it is a pity that the liberals have a politician with openly young visions, he says.

The Liberals in Malmö have convened a meeting.

"If that is his account, it is unacceptable and we will have to deal with it tomorrow," said political secretary Carl-Vincent Reimers.

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