Polysit after finding bugs in the archipelago Gothenburg Message

Lilla Rösö is just outside Ønnered and it was on the sea side, west side of the island, when a private person made a bargain to contact the police – something that SVT first reported. The organic find has similarities with a human hand, but seems to come from a seal.

– I looked at the photo of the find and I think it looks like a tail. But that's the best and that's why we have to do a technical research, "said Hans Lippens, spokesman for the police.

With the help of the public, the police have gone to the island with a patrol, but no clear answer can be given to the finding before the technical investigation has been completed.

"The technician who was prepared for the weekend was in Skaraborg, it takes about two hours to reach the island and the message about driving to the site came at 09.15 am, says Hans Lippens.

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