Press officer of the Ministry of Defense starts from close relations with lobbying

ELECTION. It has now been discovered that Secretary of Defense Peter Hultqvists (S), press officer Marinette Nyh Radebo, who had previously been an active lobbyist for the defense industry and his own company in the sector, continued to maintain close relations with the lobby business after being employed. used to be. She has now chosen to leave her position after the problem has been raised in the media.

Marinette Nyh Radebo has a long experience in the defense industry and has served as a lobbyist. She previously ran a company that organized Defense Defense Arena in Almedalen. A seminar with leading politicians and experts was organized via the Defense Policy Arena. The event was launched via the Ministry of Defense's Twitter account. Among other things, she helped a lobby organization with information on how to influence politicians.

Wrote about the company to the family
When Radebo got her job as press secretary at the Ministry of Defense four years ago, she wrote about the company to her husband and two sons after she had a conversation with the expedition manager. Neither her husband nor sons had any experience in carrying out such matters, but the company continued to house Defense Policy Arena during the term of office.

After an evaluation it appeared that Radebo continued to operate within the company. Among other things, she reported on the defense of the defense forces at Almedalen with herself as a contact person and she has also published films on youtube about the event to her name. During the tenure, Radebo family businesses had sales of 1.9 million kroner. Much of it comes from authorities that have paid for seminars in Almedalen.

The company was liquidated this summer
Marinette Nyh Radebo claims she has made no mistakes and that it is her family who pushed the company further. She believes, among other things, that one of her sons continues to lead the Defense Policy Arena with People and Defense as a subcontractor and project manager. That she is linked to the youtub-canal, she explains that her son must have accidentally used her e-mail.

The company was liquidated this summer and Radebo claims that this is because the son who runs the business has retained a permanent contract. Minister of Defense Peter Hulqvist has said nothing, but has responded to the departure of the press secretary by saying:

– I notice that Marinette Nyh Radebo has decided to end her job as a press officer. I respect her decision. She has done an excellent job during her four years as press officer.

"Have not more things been discovered"
However, the opposition is not satisfied with how the Minister of Defense has chosen to deal with the incident. Group leader moderators Tobias Billström wonders whether the audience has learned the whole picture behind what has happened.

– Have more things not been discovered, are there still more inappropriate things about the employee? Is that the reason why she now suddenly leaves this way. Is there even more lobbying career that took place with the knowledge that the immediate employees and relatives of the Minister of Defense were intermediaries, says Tobias Billström, group leader in the parliament for the moderators.

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