Pride flags were taken from the voting room Gothenburg Message

Since Europride there have been many pride flags in the Mölnlycke library. On Friday they were promptly picked up after the Swedish Democrats demanded that the room be closed until the flag was gone, something that SVT News West reported first.

The party was noticed by a sympathizer that the flags were hanging in the ballot box and decided to act. Proud flags had too strong political accusations according to the party.

"Pride: a Left Movement"

"The whole Prider movement has become a left-wing movement, we did not see it when Jimmie Åkesson was portrayed from a Pride debate and replaced by an inflatable elephant, and we have estimated that it has so much political charge," says Calle Johansson. , group leader of the Swedish Democrats in Härryda.

But do not these flags stand for a battle of rights that is in itself greater than an individual pride festival?

"It's certainly what we've seen in Gothenburg over the past few weeks, it's not about taking it from the square, but on that spot in the voting room, it had too much political value to be there.

Followed the recommendation

Weine Samuelsson (M), the chairman of the election committee of the municipality of Härryda, got the question in his knee and decided that the flags would be demolished.

"We went to the County Administrative Board and asked if the flags should be left or not, they advised us to take them down and we went to their advice, he says.

According to the Vallagen there is a polling station "are clearly defined and otherwise suitable for the purpose, so that voters are not hindered or disturbed during the vote." It may not be related to a particular political association and may not be related to a particular religious association or to a particular company that influences on the voter in connection with the vote. "

"Very humiliating"

The ballroom was closed for a short period while the flags were broken down. An employee of the library with whom SVT News West has had contact describes his frustration about the decision:

"My colleagues were allowed to continue with the SD representatives and the electorate who pointed out what was to be removed, so extremely humiliating," said the library staff member of the TV channel.

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