Public prosecutors claim to have twelve years' imprisonment on the Kalix – P4 Norrbotten torture target

"We mean that it is a stretched violence that has been going on for many hours this day and it is a kind of kicking and punching and you have put one lung with a knife and you burned it with 30% of your body, says Erik Westerstrand. , one of the prosecutors in the case.

It was early May When a few were outside, they raised their dogs when they found a hard-to-find man on the coast in Kalix. When the victim was examined by a doctor, he had 70 individual injuries in 49 different places on the body. In addition, a finger must be broken with pliers.

During the process the victim himself told about the torture; about how he got scared and was forced to eat a plastic bag while the men were standing and logging. That he was always very scared and thought he would die.

"We mean there's no motive at all, but you've done this so to speak for your pleasure, there's a movie we've secured where you're violating this claimant, and then you hear that these actors are laughing," says Officer. from justice Erika Westerstrand.

Two of the accused boys, 19 and 21 years, gross abuse and even large parts of the claims of public prosecutors have been recognized. The third 25-year-old boy accused of helping the crime denies the charge.

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