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"A few years ago we got the idea to bake the world's largest thin bread," said Torbjörn Ullsten, CEO of Mjällom Tunnbröd, behind the record clerk, to TT.

The record book of Guinness was contacted and the bakery decided to take the record attempt in connection with sailing competitions in the port.

And the record for thin bread ridiculed, reports local media.

"When we rolled out, it became almost 60 meters long, the record itself being measured in square meters and being 26 square meters, the old record was 15, says Torbjörn Ullsten.

An authorized metroloog has measured the thin bread and the result must now be submitted to Guinness's record book for verification.

Once you've baked the world's largest thin bread, the step is not far enough to ensure that it is also & # 39; The world's biggest security call is, although the record book does not have such a category.

To fill the entire clip it went on many ingredients. Among other things, about 25 kilos of sour cream, 100 kilos of potatoes and eight kilos of butter were used.

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