Regiobus rolled outside Helsingborg – Kristianstadsbladet

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photo: Bosse Nilsson

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A bus that was rolled to the east of Bårslöv last Saturday. Nobody needed to be taken to the hospital.

The accident occurred just before midnight.

"They were talking about 67 people involved, but it turned out to be six to seven," said Calle Persson, president of the South Police Region.

However, none of the six passengers or the driver had to accompany the ambulance to the hospital.

The bus is confiscated to see if something is wrong with it, TT writes. The driver was not unwell.

"We will start a preliminary investigation, a form of negligence in traffic or injury to bodily injury," said Torsten Persson, internal officer at the Helsingborg police, to P4 Malmöhus.

The road along the scene of the accident is switched off while the bus is being transported.

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