Researchers want to prevent groundwater from sinking – News (Ecotourism)

The Geological Surveys of the State reported low in the summer. or very low groundwater levels in Sweden. And that is not the first time.

"It is not just last year that we started talking about groundwater, but it has been superficial on Gotland for four years and with Öland on three, and I think we need to find ways to increase the formation of groundwater," says Kenneth. Persson, Professor of Technical Water Resource Education at the Lund University of Technology.

"You can see the weather of the year as a reminder of what the Climate and Vulnerability study found ten years ago, that we can expect future coherent wet periods of winter time, with lots of rain and plenty of moisture, and longer continuous dry periods of summer time, with complete easy to dry and heat ", he continues:

"We've had some hints before, but this year it feels like a very good illustration of how we can expect it to look like in the future.

At Lund Technical College has mentioned a number of possible ways to get rain that still contributes to groundwater, and not just the ocean. This is about existing drainage systems, says Kenneth Persson.

"The rain must have time to stay in the ground, so that the groundwater forms.We can not drain too quickly, then we shrink time as the rain and then there will be less groundwater that is formed.

But also new ways to fill the groundwater, using the natural drainage holes in the landscape.

"And then the rain comes there, so that it comes into contact with the groundwater more quickly, there are areas with very dense clay soils, and then there are areas that are more permeable, that is, sandy areas.

"Can you help the rain find those areas, just by rolling in or creating channels or wires, to drain the water to these drainage holes, so that more groundwater can be formed," says Kenneth Persson.

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