Russia wants to watch the Swedish elections – News (Ekot)

– This is a bit of a slightly larger policy. Sweden has a strong voice in criticizing the lack of democracy in Russia and in this context they want to hold fast.

Several countries, with Russia at the head of therefore call for more attention to elections for the West.

And Sweden, which for the first time was visited by international observers of the OSCE during the election of 3 weeks, is far from alone.

– The recent elections in Germany, Italy, England and the United States were also followed by international observers

Before the 2010 elections the OSCE sent a team to Sweden to see if there were observers to the elections himself had to send, which was not the case. This year they did the same and then came to send two people to observe the election of the year.

During the visit, the OSCE understood that there were problems with the rolling rollers placed in the ballrooms.

Thomas Rymer spokesman for the OSCE said, has not been shy enough to ensure that confidentiality is guaranteed. Sometimes there are not enough ballot papers from all parties, especially in the valley areas, "he says

and the growing desire for more elections probably means more jobs for the OSCE, says Kent Härstedt.

– I take that as of course, and it is becoming a growing challenge for the OSCE, with limited resources and a fight within the OSCE if you do not want to provide more resources, but more information, it will be a challenge.

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