S wants & # 39; springboard & # 39; introduce for talented students

In connection with Stefan Löfven's visit to the Komek in Örebro the prime minister was present to present two school news together with high school minister Anna Ekström.

"What we are presenting here today is an initiative called the springboard, and we want to make sure that there are plenty of opportunities for women in high school to walk, experiment, work with advanced texts and solve mathematical problems. Simply test your limit and see if you can come a little longer than normal, and we see that the springboard is a bit like Komek, but it can have many different forms throughout the country, "says Anna Ekström.

The Minister of Sport emphasized that no student needs to be withheld without giving everyone the chance to be extra challenged.

Do you want to extend cooperation between the high school and the university?

During the press conference, the Social Democrats also presented a proposal to expand the cooperation between high school and university

"We know that in high school there are many young people who feel a distance from the university and are worried about what it means to continue studying." We want to encourage and support partnerships that enable young people to know what is going on. the hand is at a university, both in the field of university education, but also in the field of research.An important part is that we want to ensure that more students can attend the university even before they have finished high school. This life is mainly taken in so-called "top-class education." If Sweden is a successful knowledge base, then such a possibility should be accommodated in all superstructures ", says Anna Ekström.

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