Sahlgrenska still has long lines – P4 Göteborg

For Staffan Börjesson, 79, it took two years and three months between the decisions on the microwave summer 2015 and the back surgery in October 2017.

"I find it terrible, if you have paid 50 years of tax, you should be helped better," says Staffan.

Sahlgrenska University Hospital works to shorten the queues and tries to meet the care guarantee within three months, but it is difficult in many specialisms.

"An important factor is the growing need for care that we see in population growth in Greater Gothenburg," says Christina Svärd, chief executive officer for hybrid and intervention.

There are also missing nurses, drug addicts, emergency centers and communal care facilities.

On the other hand, cancer operations at Sahlgrenska are good.

"Maybe sometimes at the expense of other care groups," says Christina Svärd.

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