Sara-Lena Bjälkö (SD) crossed the bus and told herself

It was on Monday that information emerged that a member of parliament had been shot in a bus outside Töreboda in the Västra Götaland district. Because it was a top politician, Säpo quickly went in, but the police did not want to say what politicians were concerned.

Now the Swedish riksdag member is coming Sara-Lena Bjälkö reveal that she was shot.

"We were spoiled by a car that shot against us – we thought we would be killed," says Sara-Lena Bjälkö to Expressen.

– It was so shocking. I'm just so happy that my daughter was not there. I fight for a safer and safer society, because people do not have to experience shots and murders, and that happens, "says Sara-Lena Bjälkö to GT.

Sara-Lena Bjälkö sits in the parliament of the Swedish Democrats, is a deputy member of the Committee on Transport and the Committee on Culture. She was one of the petitions of the parliamentary list of the Swedish Democrats that would be used in the autumn of autumn.

In the bus there were two people, together with Sara-Lena Bjälkö, who were on their way home from a tow race race at Moholmsstrippen in Skaraborg. The SR made it clear that nobody was injured during the attack, but the police were aware of what had happened.

"I can confirm that there has been a hottest situation, more than I can not say," said Helena Trolläng, regional research unit in the western region, and then expressed it.

According to Aftonbladet there should have been no sharp shot against the bus and initially there was no connection with the MP's candidacy.

Säpo confirmed and commented on the event shortly thereafter.

"We are informed that the police have a preliminary investigation regarding one of our security guards," said Gabriel Wernstedt, press officer at the Aftonbladet Security Department.

This is the second time in a short time that an SD politician is being attacked. Recently, a man rushed to the party leader of the Swedish Democrats Jimmie Åkesson after a speech in Örebro – read more about it here.

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