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There were many issues that were debated, but it was the Sollefteå hospital and the opportunity to reopen BB and emergency operations, which was the main issue for the approximately 200 listeners who attended the health policy debate in Hallstaberget in Sollefteå yesterday. Organizer was Sollefteå Örnsköldsvik Association of the Future Emergency Hospital.

The audience was pleased with the promises

And the audience was especially satisfied with the debate and now believes that there is a big chance that BB and emergency operations will be reopened in the coming term.

"It seems encouraging," says Birgitta Sjödahl; they are here for, it is great!
"Unbelievably good, everyone has promised, that's great," says Eva Sundberg.

In the panel, all the first names of the ballot papers of the parties were placed in the provincial elections.

The Left Party and the Party for Healthcare want to open emergency surgery, emergency surgery and BB and women health care in Sollefteå.

The center party now wants to open an emergency surgery in Sollefteå during the day and with the aim of opening BB.

The Swedish Democrats say that BB should be opened and everything needed to open BB.
Liberals also say that BB must be opened.
The Christian Democrats say Open BB in Sollefteå, and for the emergency operation.

The Environmental Party has changed its position and wants to concentrate on emergency surgery and open a number of care centers in Sollefteå. And we do not close doors to open BB says Brita Wessinger (Mp)

The moderators also say that the doors are open for BB in Sollefteå, but point out that this applies if the economy allows it.

First name of the Social Democrats Glen Nordlund said he does not make any promises he can not keep and that no new facts have been added and that the party has not changed the closures.

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