SD & # 39; s ballots were hidden – "electoral fraud from Falkenberg municipality"

VALSKANDAL. When the early vote began on Wednesday in Falkenberg Town Hall, SD & # 39; s name rolls were missing. The Swedish democrat Sara-Lena Bjälkö was upset by the incident. She went to social media with a message entitled "Valskandal i Falkenberg". The municipal elections committee recognizes in a press release that it has made a mistake.

"Falkenberg municipality has committed an election fraud, we will drive hard for it, how can they forget a whole party? We in SD were falsely accused and threatened to stand behind the electoral scandal", says Sara-Lena Bjälkö in an interview with Samtiden.

She tells her that she was approached in the camp at eleven o'clock in the morning by a few tortured civilians. They had been in the town hall to earn a fortune and to their horror there were no SD ballot papers on the front.

"When they summoned this together with others who had to vote in advance, they became totally undisputed by those responsible for the early vote, and when I heard this, I of course rushed into the town hall and checked first before I asked loudly where our ballots were somewhere. were, Bjälkö asks.

Powerful criticism
She went on a Tuesday with a message on Facebook, where she strongly criticized the behavior of the town hall:

"None of those who voted as voters wanted to listen to that ear, on the other hand there was a female official and I kept asking my question, where are our roles?
Then she retrieves the local council secretary, he was rude and he raised my voice. I demanded that our ballots would appear immediately, he claims that no and no one has submitted. I am confident that the ballots are in place and will arrive, and I will eventually follow them to their storage room where they keep the ballots.

What was there! JO, our roller blades in an uninterrupted package! Scandal! Town hall about something you should be able to trust?!? "

Accept the error
The chairman of the election committee Maj-Lis Wolfhagen writes in a press release:

"We are grateful that we were quickly informed that there were no nameplates in the town hall, which is a malfunction in connection with unpacking.The names of the Swedish Democrats were delivered in the ballroom, but they were not packed and presented. the incident seriously and contacted the County Administrative Board, who is the supervisor of the election, to inquire whether this happened and the state's electoral authority is also informed. "

It is estimated that about 50 votes from all parties involved during the more than three hours absence of the ballots. The empty valsedlarna was there all the time. According to Maj-Lis Wolfhagen this has no influence on the election results.

Also in the main library
The event in the town hall is not an isolated event.

According to a failed order from the voter, there were no SD-rollers in the main library of the city on Thursday. After referring to this, he contacted Sara-Lena Bjälkö, who in turn went to the library with the party colleague. Then the roles were in place.

In the future, SD & # 39; s staff personnel will check other places in Falkenberg where they can vote.

– After the press release from the election committee, they really hope that they will do their work and review the routines. It is so sad that this happens because voters and managers are trained and know their roles. It must be clean and tidy and they must fill roles. You can wonder how often it happens or that they deliberately forget it, Bjälkö thinks.

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