SD day in Malmedalen – Police prepared for problems

Sunday is the Swedish democratic day in Malmedalen. The police are aware of protests and fights by upgrading to "special event" – meaning the police have access to more resources and staff.

Malmedalen on Saturday, when it was the left-wing holiday and Jonas Sjöstedt Hussein El-alawi

"It is because it is the day of the Swedish Democrats, and if there is any disturbance or friction, we ensure that we guarantee freedom of expression and democracy, and we know it's hot at the end of the electoral movement. and that the Swedish Democrats raise feelings, "said Ewa-Gun Westford, president of the police in Malmö.

Is your presence in Malmedalen primarily for the protection of the representatives of the Swedish Democrats, so that they can speak undisturbed?

"We choose not to express ourselves like that, but everyone should have the right to speak democratically here, here in Malmedalen all parties are represented and we will protect the whole event," Westford said, pointing out the story, that only SD is party that makes many emotions awake.

7 pm on Sunday evening the political figures of today are planned. Magnus Olsson, city council for SD in Malmö, initiates and transfers to Mattias Karlsson, SD group leader in parliament.

The police have no planned protest actions against SD in Malmedalen.

"But we know that it can be friction and then it's better that we are manned, it can take a minute for something to happen and it's important that we have the ability to overcome it," said Ewa-Gun Westford.

During the Sunday Just like in the Malmedial week, the local police will have dialogue dialogues, as well as other staff members. Polish helicopter is also available if required.

Magnus Olsson, SD Opposition Council in Malmö, does not know that the police introduced a special event for the day of the Swedish Democrats in Malmedalen. The monitoring during the week is "rigorous", he finds:

"There were guards and police and a camera at our tent, I know that Säpo was always there, and when Jonas Sjöstedt was there, the police were on duty, so you hope the guard will be enough," he says.

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