Secret personal data leak – hundreds of affected young people – P4 Kronoberg

The young people, 413 in the number, have received summer jobs through social services in the municipality of Växjö. In connection with this they have registered in Feriepoolen, a service that the municipality of Växjö buys from the company EuroNetics.

But then the youth Enrolled in the system also leaked their employment certificate on the internet and was searchable on Google. It contains name, social security number, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Municipality of Växjö discovered the leak a few weeks ago by chance and he now reported the event to the data inspection.

– It's serious that 413 young people are not sure that their information is confidential, "said Per Sandberg, director of the Welfare and Employment Council in Växjö Municipality.

The municipality of Växjö does not currently know whether one of the young people lives under a protected identity.

– No, I can do not respond to this situation, says Per Sandberg.

The company EuroNetic & # 39; s CEO writes in an e-mail to P4 Kronoberg that it deeply regrets what happened and that there was a software failure that created a security hole in the system and made it possible to make personal data available through the network.

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