She increases the price of the voters – she herself in the business class

One was a publicly unknown moderate member of parliament. The other was a KD veteran with a higher internal status, but unknown to the general public. It does not reduce their referrals, but possibly the political damage.

Isabella Lövin has so far been announced in the election elections with the highest rank by the discussion about the taxpayer's money. She is not only a mess of languages ​​for her party. She is also in second place throughout the government. Lövin is deputy prime minister.

Admittedly, business leaders are not encouraged by business class travel, perhaps not with other elevators. But these are not dependent on the taxpayer's costs.

Politicians should be more restrictive, even if it is not reasonable for a complete ban. Now, however, the basic rule seems that government councils should also become economy class. Because that rule is available, the vice premier should first follow. At least in essence.

It is difficult to understand why Lövin should be more expensive than his colleague Gustav Fridolin and the Prime Minister.

Another pungent and possibly annoying circumstance is that Isabella Lövin is only the first figure in his party's fly tax game. A match that became so successful that S also supported the claim. The Conference of the Environment Party has also decided that today's tax must be increased. However, I have not told you how much and when.

Although a tourist trip to Thailand is not the same as missions, it still seems possible to tell one and other voters that the vice premier rates increases for regular voter travel, while at the same time working in the business class if they had to go to Thailand to go.

Sometimes ridiculed and despised the so-called reception journalism. Before the election of the year it is a good time since the celebrated triumphs. But now it can be said that politicians thought that the danger was over for revelations. It is useful that they realize that this is not the case.

There are also no reasons to spit on this form of journalism. It should be in the spinal cord of all elected representatives to be careful with what is ultimately their voter money. Because it is clear that the seemingly obvious instinct is not always present, it is useful and commendable that the power of the third state recalls what must be clear.

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