Six out of ten want the buses on the south square

Boråsaren Gunilla Bäck walks past Viskan. She trusts those who want to keep the buses in the southern square.

– It is more the center here. For many, it is easier here under the central station.

Before the elections, SVT Novus had the voter's survey in Borås examined. The research is a collaboration between SVT, Borås Tidning and Sveriges-radio P4 Sjuhärad. On Monday 27 August a joint political debate will take place in the Sagate Theater in Borås.

One of the questions asked about the drill bits in the survey is: What do you think of the buses in Södra Torget? 59 percent answered that question that the buses should stay. 15 percent answered that the buses should be moved. 26 percent did not know or had no opinion on the issue.

photo: SVT

The question of bus traffic in the center of Borås has been discussed for a long time. Among other things, the safety around the Zuidplein has been removed if traffic accidents occurred on the site. In February, the city council decided that the square had to be rebuilt in order to increase safety and accessibility.

"Can be dangerous"

Ingmarie Skoglund stayed on the edge of the square with his bike. She says you have to get up when you go on the spot.

"I know it can be dangerous and I know people who have been hit, I did not feel bad, but you have to think about it.

She has double feelings for the buses in the square.

"It is very good that it is central, but at the same time I think it might not be great that all buses are centered.

In a debate that Borås held in April, politicians loved the future of the square. The Social Democrats and the environmental party wanted to rebuild the building and free it from buses on part of the square. Liberal Morgan Hjalmarsson wanted to go even further.

"We will light up South Square from the buses," he said than.

VDo you know more about what Borås politicians think of different questions? Make the optional SVT!

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