Sjöpolisen Carina & # 39; s alarm – about the dangerous game of youth in Gothenburg

It was Sunday afternoon that the alarm came in SOS. One person was seen jumping from Göta Älvbron in Gothenburg. There were also people standing and filming.

"Such an alarm is always taken seriously when a human life is at stake and we do everything we can to save it"Police police say carina Nilsson in a post on the Facebook page of the police.

There were several police escalators, ambulances and various units of the rescue service – including boats and divers. The bridge and bridge under the bridge were completely shut down and all available means were aimed at looking for the person who was seen.

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Several examples of Götaälvbron

The circumstances surrounding the alarm, that people have seen and filmed the hope, Carina Nilsson may fear that it is a life-threatening game – in which young people expose themselves and others to the challenge for the challenge.

– After this event I sat down and searched the internet and there are so many things like this. I have found examples in which you just shot from Götaälvbron.

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A few weeks ago, the rescue service in Stenungsund had been alarmed since the life-threatening game for adolescents caused a lot of action at Stenungsöbron in Stenungsund. On-site, the rescue personnel met by a bunch of young people – it was one of those who had jumped from the 14-meter high bridge, landed badly and dropped the air.

Herman Egeltström, station commander at the Stenungsund police, said:

"The source is not high enough to die right away, but if you land badly, you can lose consciousness or seriously hurt yourself, and you certainly should not be exposed to it, if you lose consciousness, you can drink.

Herman Egeltström, deputy officer of the police station in Södra Fyrbodal.

photo: Mikael Berglund

Rescue Service: "Very inappropriate

Kristoffer Wahter, deputy leader in the rescue service in Greater Gothenburg, tells us that he was alarmed in the summer by the nearly 20 meters high Götaälv source, which turned out to be the talk of exactly this kind of dangerous games.

"To jump from high bridges is always associated with danger, and when we get such alarms, we use huge resources with boats and divers," he says, as he continues.

"It's the most inappropriate to hurt, that's the most important thing, and then they link sources that might be needed elsewhere.

Hindrades go on another alarm

Sjöpolisen Carina Nilsson also turns to the pure exploitation of the resources of society – in the post she writes:

"The community resources should not be used for similar purposes, so you who do these things think about what the consequences will be."

This weekend also third parties:

"We really had to go on a boat fight in the Gothenburg archipelago, where six people had jumped into the water and had crawled on another island, and the alarm came when we were still looking for the jumper, Carina Nilsson said.

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