Small dog was bitten to death – in the middle of the square

The warning came to the police on Friday before 16:00.

"We have just arrived at the site," says Gustafsson at 16.35.

It is unclear how it all went.

– It should have been outside a store. There is a kind of dogfight and the smaller dog has bitten the grass. The information I have is that the smaller dog has been killed, "says Stefan Gustafsson.

"Very unpleasant"

A witness who comes by, tells:

I walked into my car and saw a crowd in the square, so I went outside. An elderly lady lay on the floor and screamed. A man took care of her. It was probably her dog who was killed.

The witness estimates that the larger dog was every kind of fighting dog.

"It was big and powerful, it was very unpleasant.

Two men should have tried to hold the dog, but according to the witness it is clear.

"There were many who tried to help, eventually the owner came out of the deal," he says.

No decision about murder

The police have reported a failure to comply with the Dog and Cats Supervision Act.

– That's what we can do. It is of course tragic for the owner of the deceased dog and we help this house ", says Stefan Gustafsson at 17.30.

At the same time, no decision had been made to kill the attacking dog.

"There is no decision at the moment," Stefan Gustafsson says to the police.

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