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– We go to the normal temperatures for the season. It rises to 20 degrees hot per week. Normally this time is between 17 and 19 degrees. There are some rain areas, but there is also room for sunshine during the week, says Alexandra Ohlsson, meteorologist at SMHI.

During the night until Monday there is a precipitation past the east, but also thunder in the southern parts of the province. The rain will remain on Monday morning, but the afternoon in Östergötland will be sunny.

Then there will be some weathering weather. Tuesday offers the most sunny weather with a bit of clouds, but on Wednesday the next rainy weather will come. However, there is some uncertainty about the amount of rain that will hit Östergötland. Possibly the precipitation drops slightly further to the north above Svealand.

– But we probably expect a lot of clouds on Wednesday. Thursday will be sunny weather, but on Friday we will count on a few barns again.

The next weekend is expected to come on the wet side.

– The weekend forecast is a bit uncertain, but it looks like it is entering new rain areas and in the following week it is open to low pressure across the Atlantic to move over us. It looks like we are in an unstable weather period. This is actually a slightly more normal Swedish summer, but compared to what we've had, it can certainly be a little cooler, says Alexandra Ohlsson.

It is not a beginning of autumn – it is a matter of weeks.

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