SMHI: Perhaps the rainy night of summer – P4 West

– The bleakest day so far in the west this summer was in Lysekil on July 28th. Then it reached 38.9 millimeters of rain, says meteorologist Alexandra Olsson.

Then during the day went out with a class as a warning for large amounts of rain, with the emphasis on Dalsland and Bohuslän, but the previous precipitation record of the summer is loose.

"It can really happen that this will be the rainy night and the night we had here in the summer.When there is as much rain as we predict, Ohlsson continues.

But while we had a drought in the country, it rained a few times, which means that SMHI does not think the rain record is lower than in previous years.

"You can say that there were pretty creative amounts if you're looking for summer cages, and in intensive thunder cages you get 40 millimeters of rain quickly, Alexandra Ohlsson of SMHI concludes.

Second place on the rain list of this year About our area, Bäckefors scratches and a barn from 21 July. Then measured 33.7 millimeters in the area.

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