Smit has destroyed police car Gothenburg Post

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A man did not want to be checked by the police tonight. Instead, he chose to infect by supporting the police car. Then he left the place at high speed.

At half past two on Tuesday, a police patrol tried to stop a car with a well-known driver for a check in the municipality of Töreboda. At first he stopped, but immediately he put the back in and tapped the police car hard. Then the driver left the place at high speed.

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He left an unusable police car, where the airbag was activated and the cooler was broken. The police were not injured by the ride.

"We did not look for him at night, but he is known to us," said Morten Gunneng, chief officer of the police of the west coast.

The police have started with an introduction to gross negligence in traffic, gross illegal driving skills and serious violence against civil servants.

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