So, the Social Democrats will have the power in Gothenburg

Since 1994 the Social Democrats have been on board in Gothenburg.

Then, 24 years ago, they had 41.4 percent of the voters behind them.

After the election of the weekend, the aid has more than halved – to 20.4 percent.

But the chairman of the city council Ann-Sofie Hermansson has not given up the idea to create a new, stable administration for Gothenburg. In own management.

"It's clear that it's a messy situation, not a snack, now it's about managing Gothenburg, then we'll see which parties are willing to have conversations and still take responsibility for managing the city, even the next tenure, says Ann-Sofie Hermansson.

And the work starts today:

"I think I'm going a bit loose and call the group leaders here in the afternoon There is no reason to emphasize this now, but ask the question: what are the chances?

Avoid chaos

She describes the wood as a first attempt to "explore the terrain".

"Every responsible party should now imagine how we can get a stable location in the city where we can still control chaos here, I think that is possible, but a conversation is needed.

And all group leaders will have a conversation – except the Swedish Democrats Jörgen Fogelklou.

Even the clearest winners of the elections, the demonstrators of the Democrats and their leader Martin Wannholt will be contacted. But that they would have an impact on their main problem – stop the West Link – it excludes Ann-Sofie Hermansson.

In that respect, it does not compromise.

"I can not or do not want to tear that decision, as Martin Wannholt and others know," says Ann-Sofie Hermansson.

"If we asked such a question against all rhymes and resonances, we would keep Göteborg out of the cards in terms of credibility in the coming years.

Appear as a climber

She continues:

"We would appear as a full patron if we even breathe.

She also rejects the attempt by Liberal MP Eva Flyborg to submit a compromise proposal a few days before the election – to remove one of the Westlink parts from the package: that of the Haga station.

The Democrats Martin Wannholt is clear at one point: the Westlink must be stopped. Ann-Sofie Hermansson does not agree with this.


– I do not believe that. I think there are some free fantasies that you should select a small part of the West link. I knew the fasic how to build it. That train is gone, says Ann-Sofie Hermansson.

Even the moderators and alliance parties group leader Jonas Ransgård have denied the Democrat ultimatum on Monday that they will not be part of a partnership with parties that do not want to stop the West Link.

The main argument of Ransgården is that it just does not work.

This does not mean a parliamentary decision

"The Westlink is part of the Western Swedish package, which is a parliamentary decision, and we do not take a parliamentary decision in the city of Gothenburg," he told Sveriges Radio Gothenburg, "Jonas Ransgård said in an interview with Sveriges Radio Göteborg on Monday morning.

At the same time, he has extended his hand to the Democrats and Martin Wannholt and sees the Alliance's opportunity to break the 24-year power of the Social Democrats.

At the same time Martin Wannholt tightened the tone of the West Bengal issue during the final elections.

In an interview with the GT, a week before the elections, he proposed a clean ultimatum:

"We are not in coalition with someone who wants to build the Westlink.

The top name of the moderators in Göteborg, Jonas Ransgård, together with the party leader Ulf Kristersson.


Martin Wannholt does not want to comment on the statements of the other parties on Monday:

"I have been very clear, these are negotiations, so we come back when we have something new," says Martin Wannholt.

With a clear address to the moderates and the personal conflicts of the party after the elections, Wannholt adds:

"The focus of the leadership of different parties should be on bringing together a board for Gothenburg instead of chasing sinisters.

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