Social Democrats at Hacker Attacks – News (Ekot)

Last night a new attack took place on the site.

– The website is located in the time that we live in a major hub. To visit our website as clearly as these attacks, we find that serious, "says Helena Salomonsson, communication director Social Democrats.

A little more than a week agoOn the evening before the party's election campaign was launched, the website was exposed to an extensive so-called ddos ​​attack. The attack is about removing the website by defeating it. This is the third hit on the website of the Social Democrats.

"It is three weeks before the elections and it is clear that citizens who go to elections should be able to receive information", says Helena Salomonsson.

The IP addresses are kept to Russia and North Korea, explains the party. But on the part of the party, you do not want to wonder at the moment why the attack took place.

– This happened to us last night, we received the information from our IT provider and we took action and reported it to the police.

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