Sofia Aronsson in frontal rock – had an angel beat

Sofia Aronsson began his Bacan Degato and transported Coquin Bebe – who also started yesterday – to Bergsåker in Sundsvall. In the afternoon she went home with the horses in the horse bus. At the height of Gysinge, just south of Gävle, things went very badly. In a slight bend she saw how a car was in her job when she was full of a truck.

He saw that she was going to the frontal rock

– Right mounted, the truck left and saw that car straight ahead when we were 80 kilometers long. I saw him see that I was driving the car. Fy fan, it was so unpleasant, I shut up and put my hands steady on the wheel just before the bang.
A crash that could have ended very tragically.
– I thought I was going to die. When the hook was over and I was able to move, I got stuck in the bus and was allowed to press the door and I got so much panic. I thought it would look … yes, I do not know what's behind it.

The horses had the same pasture taste

Surprisingly, the horses did it too.
"They just stood there, completely unharmed, of what we could see there and then.
"I'm lucky that I have quality stuff, if I had not had it, the horses would have flown straight through the wall and in the cabin where I sat.

"You're still scared"

Sofia was taken to the Gävle hospital with an ambulance, where she is now.
– The heart beats and beats, you are still afraid. It was so terrible. The doctors have taken samples and so on, but unfortunately it seems to me without serious damage.

The horses were picked up by Oskar Kylin-Blom and Sofia receives support during the evening.
"Friends in Gävle come here, I have talked to family and the staff know what happened.

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