Sofia Aronsson in frontal rock

The pro-coach Sofia Aronsson was on his way home from Bergsåker with his horses Bacan Degato and Coquin Bebe when the accident occurred at the climax of Gysinge, just south of Gävle.

In a bend she saw how a passenger car was in her job, full of a truck.

It ended with frontal rock.

Sofia Aronsson in frontal rock

– I thought I was going to die. When the hook was over and I was able to move, I got stuck in the bus and was allowed to press the door and I got panic ", says Aronsson to Travronden.

Sofia Aronsson was taken to the hospital in Gävle with an ambulance. Miraculously, her and her horses succeeded in preventing serious injuries.

"I'm lucky that I have quality stuff, if I had not had it, the horses would have flown right through the wall and in the cabin where I was sitting," she told the site.

She says she is still afraid of the event and that & # 39; heart beats & # 39 ;.

"Friends in Gävle come here, I have talked to family and the staff know what happened," says Sofia Aronsson.

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