Sofia in severe crash: "I thought I would die"

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The coach Sofia Aronsson was involved in a frontal jacket with the horse bus on his way home from Bergsåker. Both she and horses should have done well.


The trainer Sofia Aronsson was involved in a serious crash on the way home from Bergsåker.

She should have saved it without serious damage and the two horses in the horse bus will also be in order.

"I thought I was going to die," she said.

On Friday evening, Axevallaproffset Sofia Aronsson had two horses starting at Bergsåkertravet in Sundsvall.

On Saturday she drove home from Bacan Degato and Coquin Bebe from the tread in Sundsvall towards Skara.

"So shocked for sure"

On the way to the south of Gävle, according to Trav365, she was involved in a serious traffic accident with the horse bus.

"She must have met a car in a truck or something, and frontal rock," said colleague and good friend Patric Skoglund, who spoke to Sofia several times after Trav365's performance.

"I saw him see that I was driving the car.Fy fan, it was so unpleasant, I kept my mouth shut and put my hands on the wheel just before the bang," Sofia Aronsson himself says to Travronden.

– I thought I was going to die. When the hook was over and I could move, I was stuck in the bus and was allowed to press the door and I got panic, she continued.

"Reaction failed"

Sofia was taken to the Gävle hospital by ambulance, but she had to save it without seriously damaging the bad bang.

– The heart beats and beats, you are still afraid. It was so terrible. The doctors took samples and things like that, but I apparently managed without serious damage, "she explains to the newspaper.

"It was good for her, but she is shocked, the horses seemed okay as it seems now, the most important thing is that Sofia is ready, Skoglund says.

The news about the accident reached the TV studio and Skoglund in the middle of the Saturday V75 round, where he referred the race. Something he just pissed off after the message of the accident had arrived.

– I have failed to comment on V75-4. Sofia is a good friend and our horse Bacan Degato was on the bus, he says.

Trav365 has requested Sofia Aronsson.

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