Someone who has died, north of the police of Åtvidaberg, suspects violent crime

The alarm came on at 17:00 on Thursday evening. At 9.30 pm the police indicates that you still choose not to specify what it is for crimes you suspect.

– It is a person who died under such circumstances that we suspect that a violent crime has been committed. We have not yet spoken to ourselves about possible violations of the crime, "says Magnus Holmström in the eastern police region.

– The work is still working too full on the spot. We have detective technicians, uniformed police and interrogators, so the investigation is in an intensive phase, he continues.

The police currently do not want to determine the location further than north of Åtvidaberg. The police also do not want to comment on whether there is a suspected perpetrator and whether there is a man or woman who has died.

The family members of the deceased must be informed.

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