Sopbil drove into the tram bridge – caused stop Gothenburg Message

SOS was notified of the event on Monday at 11.55 am. According to the rescue service there is a traffic sign on the site and a concrete scrap of the tram bridge at the stop Allhelgonakyrkan along the eastern Midvintersgatan in Kortedala.

According to the police, it is a truck that has been driven into the bridge and no persons should have been injured in connection with the incident.

"The vehicle was not left on the spot when we got there and the road as it drove goes under the bridge itself," said Lars Larsson, LC leader at the rescue service in Greater Gothenburg.

Due to the fact that the vehicle was not at the scene of the accident, the police wrote a report of contamination from traffic accidents.

According to Västtrafik, the event caused a stop in tram traffic at the current location for about 20 minutes, affecting lines 6, 7 and 11.

– The trams now run to Nymånegatan and drive back to the city. We are now striving for replacement buses that can replace the tram traffic from Gamlestaden to Komettorget, Christian Blomquist, Intertrace Coordinator at Västtrafik, said shortly after the event.

At 12.30 hours tram traffic was restored in normal traffic after the damage to the bridge was inspected according to Västtrafik.

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