Springers party gets a mandate in Örebro

The Örebropolis Peter Springare was noticed last year when he wrote on social media about how immigrants are overrepresented in the serious crime. Stock Photography.

The Örebro party – with the attention of Peter Springare as a poster – enters the city council of Örebro, writes Nerikes Allehanda. It is clear after the audit of the provincial government.

The party gets two mandates after passing the three tenth barrier with a margin of 14 points. The party leader, former leftist Markus Allard, believes that jumpers are an important success factor.

"We have to do some sort of election analysis there, it's a science in itself, but it's clear that Springers are voting, it's sunny, so it's bad luck, says Allard to NA.

Most likely, it will be Allard and Springers who take the two seats. The party wants to promote, among other things, less immigration and lower fees for politicians.

"We met and started talking and quickly realized that we had the same opinion in some local political issues," the party leader told SVT News last week.

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