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Valdebatt for the region selection

The magazine organized an election debate for the regional selection in Skaraborg, with the participation of the association.

Valdebatt for the region selection

The newspaper organized an election debate for regional elections in Skaraborg, with the participation of all parties in the regional council. Ten questions were asked in the electoral debate and this is one of the questions. You can also view the electoral debate as a whole with all ten questions in succession on the news site of the newspaper.

Left party Bille Karlsson argued in favor of raising the treasure in the region, a proposal that was only submitted by the left party to the regional council.

– As it looks in today's healthcare, it is a disaster. There are caregivers, there are no nursing nurses, many beds are closed because we do not have staff, she said.

But she got a moth from Gunilla Druve Jansson from the Center Party.

"We do not think you should raise taxes, there is so much more to do in the organization we have, we added 6.5 billion extra for health care in the last term," she said.

Gunilla Druve Jansson made a resemblance to a house where she believed that the body and structure had to be made. She stressed the importance of restructuring work in the field of health care, including closer care and commitment to digitization, as agreed by all parties in the Regional Council.

"Many improvements in health care can not be achieved without the means to implement them," said Bille Karlsson.

There was occasionally a classic right-left debate about the treasures, in which Gunilla Druve Jansson emphasized disadvantages of raising the treasure and the benefits of Bille Karlsson.

"We have the amount of care that we have streamlined in our care, and the caregivers are already running away," Bille Karlsson said.

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