Stefan Löfven performed well in SVT & # 39; s research into party leadership.

When Stefan Löfven was worried about the loss of brackets in the election, he was well informed about SVT's party leadership investigation.

There he almost behaved like a smiling father-in-law.

The benefit of the Social Democrats is great. With most voters, support for the party is around 24 percent. If it is the election result, it is the worst choice of the Social Democrats since Sweden became a democracy.

But the thought of what, of course, should sharpen from time to time in the head of S-leader Stefan Löfven, seemed to be no trace of SVT's hour-long hearing

On the contrary, he was calm, smiling and has not addressed the questions of the program leader that he can sometimes do.

What did we know? Of course there will not be any big tax reductions, there will be no money for prosperity. That is the favorite theme of Stefan Löfven in this choice.

"We will hire more people in health care and those who work there must have better conditions," said Stefan Löfven, who thought the reason why the Social Democrats should lead the government for another four years.

Without them, that would be the case investments in prosperity decline and development are going wrong. I do not think that it is a reality indication that belongs to one of the other parliamentary parties.

During this tenure, the queues almost doubled, from 44,000 to 86,000 people. A common explanation for this is that the current government has the so called & # 39; kama & # 39; has abolished the Alliance and encouraged the Provincial Council to work more efficiently.

But that is not what Stefan Löfven believes in. He is of the opinion that the doctors have dealt with the simpler cases before it was difficult to get a share of the buyers. But the question which is the worst for the patient, to be prioritized (if it occurs) or to go in a growing row?

He also condemned an S promise at the last elections, but not in exaggeration. Then his party promised that all cancer patients would be cared for within four weeks. Since then, Löfven has learned that some cancers require faster treatment than others.

But today only four percent of those with severe prostate cancer arrive on time and one fifth of those who have cancer in the food bag.

Back to this with the taxes and welfare. According to program leaders, Göran Persson, former Prime Minister (S), managed to reduce both taxes by around 90 billion, while municipal income increased. It is the municipalities that are responsible for a large part of what is clustered under the concept of well-being.

But there was no argumentabout gamble on Stefan Löfven.

– I claim that it is not possible.

The divisions have grown in Sweden in the past thirty years and the time of Stefan Löfven's power is no exception. Löfven thinks that they have become too big and he plans to do something about them by taxing capital income in some way or another than today.

But how, he did not want to talk about that. The wealth tax would not be restored, not even the property tax. Of course, there are other Social Democrats in the binoculars and the hearing had clearly been a golden opportunity to tell. But Löfven did not do that. But it may not be ready?

However, there is no meat load not if the Social Democrats can decide. You have to eat what you want without taxes, "said Löfven.

In the petrol issue he has an opposite opinion. There, higher taxes will distract us from fossil fuels.

It is not easy to be strict. Many have experienced it.

footnote: So far the worst election result for Social Democrats since the universal suffrage was introduced in the 1921 elections, 30.7 per cent in the 2010 elections.

Plus and minus Stefan Löfven

Good or bad performance for the party

That was good. Suddenly it seemed that there was a line in the policies of the Social Democrats.

Right answer

He did not ignore the questions, not even those whom he found wrong.


Stefan Löfven was calm, sensual and smiling. Almost a great-grandfather.

Grading: World-class. Very well. Good. Approved. Bad. Expire.

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