Stefan Löfven was put under pressure for medical care prior to the elections

With record low numbers in the back Stefan Löfven was asked in SVT.

The prime minister was pressed the hardest when it came to the welfare states, which were called to power during his time.

"I sometimes fear that Swedish health care will be dyed black as if it is not working at all," says Stefan Löfven.

On Tuesday night, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven's journey was asked to be put in SVT.

Social Democrats want the election to be a choice for well-being. But Stefan Löfven received several uncomfortable facts about what had happened to the welfare council in his time with the government.

The number of people who did not receive surgery or who met a specialist within the 90-day health care guarantee went from 44,000 to 86,000 during the term of office, emphasized program leaders Camilla Kvartoft and Anders Holmberg.

– Firstly, I would like to emphasize that Swedish health care is the fourth best in the world. It is done more in Swedish healthcare than ever before. There are more people being treated, more people receiving help. But the population is growing and we are getting older. By getting more people, you can easily queue up and the solution is to hire more people in the healthcare sector, says Stefan Löfven.

Löfven wants another four years

The Secretary of State said it had invested too little in Swedish healthcare when S and MP took over power, but he thinks the government is on the right track with more healthcare workers and more education places.

– This is the beginning and therefore it must be four years. If we go back to big tax cuts, this revival will be canceled, "says Stefan Löfven.

Stefan Löfven received questions about why he removed the kama-pole of the alliance, which was a bonus system for district councils, given the fact that the increases in prosperity were increasing. And if it is not possible to reduce the tax and at the same time get more resources for prosperity. Something that the Alliance and the government of Göran Persson succeeded, according to the statistics of the audience.

"I do not have exactly the calculation that was made at the time," said Stefan Löfven.

In the case of serious prostate cancer, only 4 percent receive time-related care and the program leaders wonder if he is satisfied with health care if the caregiver for cancer patients is so long.

– Absolutely not, the care should work. Then we have to shorten the queues and the question is – what should we do? Should we hand out a curse or ensure that there are more doctors, nurses and specialist nurses? It is for me the basic recipe for this, "says Stefan Löfven.

Unclear about the issue of the government

Regarding the question of government, Stefan Löfven repeated the message that he did not want to rule with the help of the Swedish Democrats, but he was not much more thorough than that.

"We want to continue with the project we started with the Environmental Party, but it opens up for various possible collaborations," says Stefan Löfven.

The Social Democrats swung heavily in the field of asylum reception and Stefan Löfven was asked if he would not open up to immigrant immigration, for example from Syria.

But the reception of asylum will remain at EU level, says Löfven.

"We need a sustainable migration system that has the support of the people, and I want to be determined that the whole EU must take responsibility, not just a few countries can do it," says Stefan Löfven.

Gymnasium law: "An exception"

Stefan Löfven also defended the highly criticized secondary legislation, which means that 9,000 unaccompanied people who applied for asylum before 24 November 2015 will be given a second chance.

"They are young unaccompanied people who were considered minors at the time, who have now exceeded that limit during this long, long wait, or you can make a new application", says Stefan Löfven.

One of the promises of the Social Democrats is that there should be no particularly vulnerable areas in Sweden, which include the police's ability to carry out their work and the presence of extremism and legal uncertainty, among other things.

– It has been trained for a few police officers. We have doubled the number of police officers being trained, says Stefan Löfven.

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