Stockholm is starting to return to normal – News (Ekot)

Abandoned streets, empty and closed shops, policemen on horses, and riot and dialogue police in yellow cardigans. That was the situation in Kungsholmstorg and the many blocked neighborhoods earlier today.

One of the biggest efforts of the police in the capital, which led to various detentions around the entire city center, is still underway, but is slowly coming to an end. All planned and licensed demonstrations are over, but different organizations can still relocate in the inner city.

At 4 pm the Nazi organization NMR has taken over the location of its action in Kungsholmstorg via the metro, but today's events have affected many residents on the affected streets and also business people in the area.

"Perhaps you were able to move this event a bit further out of the city center, but there is always someone who is suffering, but now we were working, but it worked pretty well during the day, I think. Niklas Iregren, who runs a game shop in Kungsholmstorg.

Some collisions between protesters from different camps has not yet happened, but in the time of the 17th it was somewhat messy in the center of Stockholm, mainly in Vasagatan. Two policemen were taken to the hospital after receiving a spray version. After checking, they had to leave the hospital.

A breakdown group from the demonstration at Norra Bantorget also went to Sveavägen where they took the road and blocked the traffic. They left the site at 17.30.

NMR early selected that they would not go as they were appointed by the police for their demonstration train in Kungsholmen. Instead, they decided to stay in Kungsholmstorg and keep different numbers for the estimated 150-200 followers who had gathered.

The police declare that the day was relatively quiet, without serious disturbances.

"You can say that the licensed demonstrations have been carried out without any inconvenience, and that is our goal on such occasions," says Lars Byström, President of the Stockholm Presidency.

How do you look at the continuation of the afternoon and evening?

– That's hard to say. But we have & # 39; s at night and & # 39; overnight preparedness. So we will be able to tackle any problems.

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