Stop by train in case of fire

At 12 o'clock there was a warning about a fire near the path between Hässleholm and Västra Torup.

All trains on the route between Hässleholm and Perstorp are therefore placed while the rescue service works in its place. The fixed trains are replaced by buses.

"It is very good if travelers contact their train company for more information about departure," says Johanna Ljunggren, press officer at Trafikverket.

There is no prediction when train traffic returns as usual. Extinguishing works take place along the track and several trains have to be caught up in height with Perstorp and Tyringe.

"We are waiting for the evacuation of the emergency services before the train can start again, and that is the way in which we must first make safety", says Johanna Ljunggren.

At 2.20 pm Trafikverket reports that the railway traffic will be normal again.

Signal failure between Lund and Malmö

In addition, a signal error has occurred on the track between Åkarp and Arlöv.

This leads to certain delays and canceled trains between, among others, Malmö and Lund.

Nor does the Swedish transport administration have a prediction about how long the delays can continue.

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