Stop in train traffic – the remote train is affected

Photo: Anders Wiklund / TT

There is a stop in train traffic on the western pole. Something that affects the trains in Stockholm Central. Stock Photography.

A stop on the western pontoon between Katrineholm and Flen affects the trains between Stockholm and the other major cities.

Trains are put, led and delays are waiting at night.

Both remote and regional trains are hit by the districts of Stockholm-Norrköping-Malmö / Copenhagen and Stockholm-Hallsberg-Göteborg / Karlstad / Oslo. Some rooms have been canceled, some have been delayed and some may take a different route. It is expected that as usual, traffic will only resume at 2 a.m. on Monday night.

"This is a central point for rail traffic in southern Sweden, so it is extremely unfortunate that we have suffered such major errors," said Sofia Lindahl, Press Communications Officer at Trafikverket, at TT at 4:00 PM.

The stop is caused by technical problems that started already on Sunday morning. First, a train broke out the entire exchange on the western pole in the area, limiting traffic to one of the two tracks. Then, at 13 o'clock, a contact wire was broken off on the second track.

"Some of the trains on the route are allowed to drive at low speed, but following trains may be diverted on alternative routes via, among others, Västerås, Nyköping and Eskilstuna," says Lindahl.

Even regional trains operating the Linköping / Eskilstuna-Sala route are being hit.

The Swedish transport administration invites travelers to travel to the train company where they travel for information about their travels. The prognosis for correcting the first error, the switching error, was set to 18 hours. Then the rest remains.

"Repairers are on site and are eager to prepare themselves," says Sofia Lindahl.

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