Strange P3 bullying by Åkesson: "He is a big landowner"

SWEDEN After Jimmie Åkesson (SD) in the P3 program Morning Pass & # 39; landlord & # 39; His name was, he said he would close the channel if he was a manager. Now he gets heavy criticism of his political opponents for the statement.

On Wednesday it was the turn of the party leaders of the Swedish Democrats to be interviewed in the morning pass in P3. After grilling in a satirical monologue Jimmie Åkesson got the chance to comment on the item.

"I have told you before that what I expected from this ski channel is what I am currently in," said Åkesson.

He followed it through P3 & # 39; Left Liberal Lubrication & # 39; and said that he had lowered the channel if he was the manager there. For this statement he has received strong criticism from his political opponents. One of them is Minister of Culture Alice Bah Kuhnke (MP):

– Jimmie Åkesson's statement against P3 and the public service is one of the biggest hopes I have heard in my time as Minister of Culture. It is clear that the Swedish Democrats are a party that poses a threat to the free word, she says to SVT News.

"Osar 1930s"

"SD wants to put down a radio channel for political reasons, it's the long way in the years & # 39; 30 & # 39 ;, writes Morgan Johansson, Minister of Justice and Home Affairs (S) twitter.

"We have seen how the SD sister parties in Europe go further and try to control and influence the media We know that SD is very active in the field of culture and media policy for one purpose – if you are a senior politician, you need satire and jokes can endure, says liberal group leader Christer Nylander against SVT.

In the satirical function that was recorded just before the interview with Åkesson, he is called "landlord" and he is accused of being a game addict. It is also said that the party leader must remain in his post "to at least one person who is literate to take part in the party". In addition, his body is commented and said that he is a "weight-spitter" who arrives.

On Monday, party leader Jonathan Jonas Sjöstedt was interviewed in the same program and was also subjected to a satirical function. It was then joking that the party leader was forced to train during the hot summer when he promised not to fly. It was also nice to pay only $ 28,000 in salary because he had to pay a party tax.

A summary of the satire about Jimmie Åkesson can be heard in the following tweet:

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