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The 18-year-old, who during his absence was reasonably suspected of involvement in the fires in Frölunda, would travel to Antalya the day after the famous fires on August 3. However, the man had already stopped at the border with Turkey.

"We found out that this person went to Turkey and then gave" no access "to the border police who succeeded in getting the person in place", said Dan Windt, head of the Southern police, general practitioner after the arrest.

The Turkish authorities have locked him up in a repository cell in a transit zone, which is considered an international area, outside the border crossing.

– This can take some time, weeks or even months. There is nothing that we can influence, "said Mats Ihlbom, GP on August 21st.

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Now available in Denmark

The man should have left Turkey now, as the newspaper GT has reported. However, the 18-year-old is not yet back in Sweden.

– The latest information I have is that he is in Denmark. But he is coming home soon. I hope he comes home now, says Mats Ihlbom.

However, it is unclear when the 18-year-old landed in Denmark. It is also unclear when to go to Sweden and why the man landed in Denmark from the start.

– I can not explain. But there have been no misery, probably probable unfortunate circumstances. We have nothing to do with the expatriation visit, "says Mats Ihlbom.

Is the man suspected of a crime in Denmark and therefore stopped?

– No, I do not think so. It can be a barrier, but that's nothing I've heard, he says.

When the 18-year-old lands in Sweden he will be questioned, if he is then detained, remains to be seen.

"My idea is that he gets a suspicion and is questioned, what happens then, let's get it, it's unclear now," says Mats Ihlbom.

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89 cars were burned

It was on the 14th of August at 9 pm that the first alarms from car borders came to the aid of the police in various places in Gothenburg. Several witnesses had heard a loud bang and saw people dressed in black, some masked, leaving the places.

A total of 89 cars were burned on Monday evening in areas in Hjällbo, Eriksbo and Frölunda, but according to the police it is unlikely that all fires were started by the same persons.

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More suspects to be involved

A 20-year-old man is arrested on suspected grounds suspected of murder.

"My head denies crimes both in terms of murder and violent riots," said 20-year-old lawyer Ulrik Smedberg after the arrest.

In addition to the 20-year-old, a 19-year-old has been given suspicion of crime, but this person is currently not being held.

In addition, the police are looking for two more famous people who may have participated in the fires.

"We recorded DNA hits in the form of blood traces and made an express order at NFC (National Forensic Center), but exactly when the answers come, we have no idea, the plaintiff Mats Ihlbom told the GP earlier.

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